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GIGABYTE har annonceret sine nye Aorus Waterforce Series all-in-one (AIO) væskekølere. De nye produkter findes i tre radiatorstørrelser; 360 mm, 280 mm og 240 mm, som sikrer, at de passer ind i forskellige typer kabinetter. GIGABYTE sagde, at dens nye Aorus Waterforce-serie fungerer med alle nuværende og kommende højtydende multi-core CPU-stik og arver funktioner og design fra sin Waterforce X-serie.
Nogle af de funktioner, som denne serie arver fra Waterforce X-serien, inkluderer det drejelige hætteudformning på 330 grader, en rørdiameter på 7,8 mm for at forbedre vandgennemstrømningen med 37% og det keramiske aksemateriale, der øger holdbarheden og varmeafledningen.
I forbindelse med lanceingen, har vi fået tilsendt følgende PR (på engelsk).



July 14th, 2021–GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and hardware solutions today announced the new series of AIO liquid coolers - AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES, which come in 3 radiator sizes and fans corresponding to those different radiator dimensions. The new AIO coolers are available in 360mm, 280mm and 240mm sizes to cater various needs. AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES support all modern and upcoming high performance multi-core CPU sockets. Besides the high compatibility with a multitude of builds, AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES inherit the advanced functions and designs from WATERFORCE X SERIES including the 330 degrees manually rotatable cap design that allows users to rotate the cap to

adjust your preferred angle, the 7.8mm Tube Diameter that improves the water flow by 37% and it’s engineered with ceramic axis to optimize durability and heat-dissipation. The leading graphene Nano lubricant bearing with ultra-low friction and noise which reduces the carbon deposit while extending the life of the fan. According to the above, AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES provide enhanced heat-dissipation and durability. Even with 240mm radiator, AORUS WATERFORCE delivers efficient heat-dissipation when running all-cores at 5.1 GHz on 8 cores pairing stress test with Intel® Core™ i9-11900K processor.


“With processors’ frequency and core count increasing, gamers need better heat-dissipation and quieter CPU coolers. AIO Liquid Coolers with easy installation is more favored than tradition cooler, but balked at the price.” Said Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division. “The New AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES AIO Liquid Coolers get the troubles off. It comes with excellent heat-dissipation, silence, durability and compatibility at an affordable price.”



Enhanced system performance with excellent heat-dissipation and quiet operation.

AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES inherit the advanced functions and designs from WATERFORCE X SERIES. It features an  enlarged Tube Diameter from 5.1 mm to 7.8 mm, which increases the water flow by 37% and dissipates the heat quicker and more efficient. The axis is engineered with Ceramic axis, which has longer lifetime compared to traditional metal axis. Also, it has anti-corrosion properties and it is more durable. A dual ball bearing fan structure combined with the leading graphene Nano lubricant bearing with ultra-low friction and noise decreases the noise  about 15%than the previous liquid coolers under the same stability and low fan speed.


In the real world testing of Prime95 non AVX stress application, even the 125W high TDP Intel® Core™ i9-11900K processor can run all-cores at 5.1 GHz on 8 cores pairing with AORUS WATERFORCE 240. This demonstrates the premium performance of AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES from GIGABYTE.




Combine stylish aesthetics and flexibility installation.

AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES presented in 3 radiator sizes, 240/280/360mm, which all provide ARGB lighting illumination and exclusive 330 degrees manual rotatable cap design. The 330 degrees manual rotatable cap design allows users to rotate the cap to their preferred angle. Through extensive testing, AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES fitted with the most synergistic fan blade size and fan speed settings to ensure the high heat-dissipation efficiency, and perfect support the extreme performance of multi-core processors on the Intel® and AMD platforms. In addition, GIGABYTE also launched the AORUS 120 ARGB FAN and AORUS 140 ARGB FAN individual packing ARGB fans, which provide the same high-quality materials and appearance design as AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES. This is a best combination to set up and easily achieve RGB synchronization.




AORUS WATERFORCE SERIES are already on the market. Please check out GIGABYTE’s website to find more information about the premium AIO liquid cooler with extreme cooling performance, durability, and stylish aesthetics.

For more product information, please visit: https://www.gigabyte.com/Thermal-Solution

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